John Guest® Speedfit® Acetal Tube to Hose Stem

Mainly produced for foodstuff and potable liquids, they are equally suitable for air and inert gases and can, therefore, be used on CO2 lines, pneumatics applications, and vacuum.

  • Black acetal copolymer
  • Food grade nitrile O-ring
  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Superior flow characteristics
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
6mm Stem OD x 4mm Hose ID Black Tube to Hose Stem
Save 5%25+$2.32/Each
Save 10%50+$2.20/Each
Save 15%150+$2.07/Each
8mm Stem OD x 6mm Hose ID Black Tube to Hose Stem
Save 5%25+$2.38/Each
Save 10%50+$2.25/Each
Save 15%150+$2.13/Each
10mm Stem OD x 8mm Hose ID Black Tube to Hose Stem
Save 5%25+$2.49/Each
Save 10%50+$2.36/Each
Save 15%150+$2.23/Each