Rubbermaid® ProServe™ Insulated Carriers

These carriers keep hot food hot and cold food cold safely for 4 hours with 4 layers of insulation. They allow you to pack, load, move, unload, and serve with confidence and ease.

  • Durable nylon exterior resists tearing & staining
  • Nearly an inch thick of non-woven polyester insulation & will not retain moisture or odor
  • Expanded polypropylene interior insulation is lightweight & over 300% stronger than styrofoam
  • Reflective vapor barrier evenly maintains temperature throughout the carrier
  • Rigid construction allows carriers to be stacked
  • Time-temperature monitoring & labeling is easy with identification window secured to each carrier
  • Lightweight & stylish design
  • Aluminum runners for pan support on end load carriers
  • Commercial dishwasher-safe & interior removable core is bleach-safe

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