1-1/4" Putty Furniture Pipe
Putty Furniture Pipe
Top of the line furniture pipe made with two completely unique grades of furniture PVC materials. A strong, engineering grade of furniture PVC is used for the core of the pipe. This engineered grade core PVC is inseparably fused at a molecular level to an extremely expensive, ultra premium furniture grade PVC outer layer using proprietary co-extrusion tooling and technical know-how.
  • Superior surface finish & color richness
  • Used on most premium PVC furniture
  • UV resistant
  • Actual dimensions: 1.66" OD x .113" wall
  • Works with all of our 1-1/4" external round connectors
  • 28604 sold in 10' lengths, 28651 sold in 5' lengths
Item # Description Page # List Price Availability Quantity to Order
Putty Furniture Pipe28604
1-1/4" Putty Furniture Pipe
Qty 5: 5% off; Qty 10: 10% off; Qty 30: 15% off;
10' length
Putty Furniture Pipe28651
1-1/4" Putty Furniture Pipe
Qty 10: 5% off; Qty 20: 10% off; Qty 60: 15% off;
5' length
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