CTS CPVC 90° Elbow

CTS CPVC products are ideally suited for hot and cold water distribution systems in residential and commercial structures, as well as recreational vehicles, modular homes, and mobile homes.

  • CPVC 4120 with minimum Cell Classification of 23447
  • Certified safe alternative to metal plumbing systems
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Will not rust, scale or pit
  • Low heat conductivity minimizes heat loss in hot water systems
  • Pressure rating: 100 psi @ 180°F
  • Maximum temperature: 180°F
  • Certified lead-free in accordance with NSF 61 & NSF 372
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1/2" CTS CPVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$0.41/Each
Save 10%50+$0.39/Each
Save 15%150+$0.37/Each
Internet Only
3/4" CTS CPVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$0.69/Each
Save 10%50+$0.65/Each
Save 15%150+$0.62/Each
Internet Only
1" CTS CPVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$2.00/Each
Save 10%50+$1.89/Each
Save 15%150+$1.79/Each
Internet Only
1-1/4" CTS PVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$4.00/Each
Save 10%50+$3.79/Each
Save 15%150+$3.58/Each
Internet Only
1-1/2" CTS CPVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$7.23/Each
Save 10%50+$6.84/Each
Save 15%150+$6.46/Each
Internet Only
2" CTS CPVC 90° Elbow
Save 5%25+$13.88/Each
Save 10%50+$13.15/Each
Save 15%150+$12.42/Each
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