CPVC CTS Ball Valves

The thermoplastic design eliminates process and atmospheric corrosion. Valves are molded from ASTM D1784, Cell Classification 23447 virgin CPVC resin. They conform to ASTM D2846 for dimensions of sockets and wall thickness. Socket end connections. Products are certified to NSF/ANSI 61, Annex Grand is in compliance with California's Health and Safety Code Section 116875, commonly known as AB1953) and Vermont Act 193.

  • CPVC
  • EPDM O-rings & seat seal
  • Suitable for hot & cold water systems
  • 100% leak-tested
  • Bi-directional: can be installed in either direction
  • Do not use compressed air or gas
  • Use for fluid transfer only
  • Pressure rating: 100 psi, non-shock water @ 180ºF, 150 psi @ 73°F
  • NSF 61 approved for potable water service
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1" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
Save 5%25+$11.59/Each
Save 10%50+$10.98/Each
Save 15%100+$10.37/Each
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1-1/2" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
Save 5%25+$24.82/Each
Save 10%50+$23.52/Each
Save 15%100+$22.21/Each
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1-1/4" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
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Save 15%100+$18.74/Each
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1/2" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
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2" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
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3/4" CPVC CTS Ball Valve
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