F-Style HDPE Jugs with Slant Handle

The 66963 is a package of 4 that includes a carton with a divider to partition the bottle for protection in transit. The package is shipped with the bottle tops open, with the neck down, for contamination protection. The filler removes a bottle from the carton, fills it, and returns it to the carton capped upright for final shipment to the market. Applications include industrial and agricultural chemicals, polishing slurries, hospitals, and labs.

  • HDPE jug
  • 63mm polypropylene linerless cap
  • Buy these jugs individually or in a package of 4
  • Meets FDA standards
  • Caps sold separately
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Jugs with Slant Handles & 63mm Neck in Carton with Divider - Pack of 4 (Caps Sold Separately)
$19.62/Pkg. of 4
Save 5%5+$18.64/Pkg. of 4
Save 10%10+$17.66/Pkg. of 4
Save 15%30+$16.68/Pkg. of 4
$19.62/Pkg. of 4
1 Gallon Natural HDPE F-Style Jug with Slant Handle & 63mm Neck  (Cap Sold Separately)
Save 5%100+$3.09/Each
Save 10%200+$2.93/Each
Save 15%600+$2.76/Each
63mm Unlined Rieke Cap
Save 5%100+$0.51/Each
Save 10%200+$0.49/Each
Save 15%600+$0.46/Each
63mm Rieke Cap with Foam Liner
Save 5%100+$0.57/Each
Save 10%200+$0.54/Each
Save 15%600+$0.51/Each
Drum Wrench for 63mm Cap
Save 5%8+$14.92/Each
Save 10%16+$14.14/Each
Save 15%48+$13.35/Each