Celebrate Earth Week!

Each year, we commit to planting one tree for each order we receive during Earth Week through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Last year, the foundation worked with the Georgia Forestry Commission and local property owners to restore forestland across the state. Our contribution went toward planting native loblolly, slash, and longleaf pine, as well as providing fire tolerance and habitat for endangered and threatened wildlife, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, indigo snake, and gopher tortoise.

Donations this year will go towards restoring the longleaf pine ecosystem in Alabama. Once the dominant tree species in the South, longleaf pine has declined drastically and now covers less than 3% of its original range due to agriculture and lumber practices. Efforts aim to restore these forests, primarily on private lands, to benefit endangered and threatened wildlife, reduce erosion, and ensure lasting positive impacts across generations due to the longleaf pine's resilience.

We're happy to announce we'll be planting over 5000 trees thanks to our loyal customers!

Shop Green, Plant Trees!

Double your impact by shopping our selection of Sustainable Products. This hand-picked selection includes eco-friendly products that are compostable, biodegradeable or made from post-consumer recycled material (PCR).

Check out our Earth Stewardship page to learn about our commitment to a greener future.