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Building a multi-million dollar business with only $37.00 capital is impossible. To even hope of succeeding with a process that four other companies tried and failed is impractical. But this man did it, because he found the right answer to business success. Find out how United States Plastic Corporation's® founder Dr. R. Stanley Tam accomplished this as well as his insights on life in the following books. Dr. Tam's books will encourage your life as you learn about his journey of business and faith.

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God Owns My Business

God Owns My Business

By Dr. R. Stanley Tam

God Owns My Business is the amazing biography of a man who built the first business of it's kind ever to succeed in the United States. Initially, Stanley Tam went broke-just like his predecessors. Obviously, he needed a business consultant. He found the very best available. In the book, Tam tells the secrets of success that God shared with him. Solutions that will work for you too, whatever type of business, whatever problems you are facing, here's the answer. Mr. Tam has traveled across the United States and over 35 foreign countries, telling thousands the secrets of success God has taught him. Many people have tried them and they really work. Life, which was a perpetual series of crises, can be tranquil, full of joy and a financial success.

Paperback: 208 pages

ISBN-10: 1600663400

ISBN-13: 978-1600663406

God Is My Boss: Champions of the Great Commission

By Shirley Carlson

Stanley Tam, born in 1915, is a successful businessman with a strong faith in God and great generosity. He has given millions of dollars to One Mission Society to help hundreds of thousands of people hear the Good News of Jesus. Written in a children's book format, God Is My Boss tells the story of how God used an ordinary man to do extraordinary things when he literally gave his business to the Lord.

Paperback: 111 pages

ISBN-10: 1622456319

ISBN-13: 978-1622456314

God Is My Boss
The Stanley Tam Story

The Stanley Tam Story

This inspiring portrait tells the life story of Stanley Tam, founder of United States Plastic Corporation and the author of God Owns My Business. Told using interviews with friends, family, employees, and others who knew Stanley well, this DVD covers the timeline of his life and the events that shaped him.

DVD: 61 minutes

Stanley Tam's Incredible Adventures With God

By Dr. R. Stanley Tam

Dr. R. Stanley Tam, founder of United States Plastic Corp., tells of his adventures with God in his fourth book, released in October 2002. Always generous, not only with his money but also with his time and energy, Mr. Tam has served on numerous boards and presents seminars on soul-winning and honoring Christ in business.

Paperback: 178 pages

ISBN-10: 0889652112

ISBN-13: 978-0889652118

Stanley Tam's Incredible Adventures With God
Every Christian A Soul Winner

Every Christian A Soul Winner

By Dr. R. Stanley Tam

You want with all of your heart to be a soul winner, but for some reason it just doesn't happen. Well Stanley Tam has some encouraging news for you. "If you are a Christian , you are a soul winner!" In Every Christian a Soul Winner, Stanley Tam shares how you too can experience the joy of leading someone to Christ.

Paperback: 186 pages

ISBN-10: 1600662730

ISBN-13: 978-1600662737

God's Woodshed: The Power of a Cleansed Life

By Dr. R. Stanley Tam

A layman talks to laymen about how to have power with God. Mr. Tam takes the courage to share 10 of his trips to God's woodshed. What He learned and how it resulted in getting his prayers answered.

Paperback: 185 pages

ISBN-10: 0889650950

ISBN-13: 978-0889650954

God's Woodshed