Tax Information

Tax Department Contact Info:
Fax: 877-209-1454
Phone: 419-228-2242

U.S. Plastic is required by law to charge tax in all states except Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon which do not collect sales tax. Your shipping address determines the sales tax you will be charged. To qualify for tax exemption, U.S. Plastic must have a valid exemption certificate on file for each state to which you are shipping.

If you qualify for tax exemption, please email your documentation to or fax it to 877-209-1454. If a valid exemption certificate is not received, the customer is responsible for submitting applicable sales/use tax to the applicable jurisdiction.

All forms must state United States Plastic Corp. as the vendor. If the exemption certificate received is incomplete, a representative from U.S. Plastic will contact you with the details needed to complete the certificate. Once we have received the completed exemption certificate(s), your account will be updated within two business days. If the certificate is processed before your order invoices, the tax will be adjusted based on the certificate. For a credit of tax on an already invoiced order, please contact our tax department.

Alabama: As an out-of-state retailer, we are electing to collect the "simplified seller use tax." The simplified seller use tax rate is a flat 8%. We will collect this rate on all AL orders and remit to the state under the seller's program account number of SSU-R010548185.

New Mexico: As an out-of-state retailer, we are required to collect "gross receipts tax" on orders rather than "compensating tax." The gross receipts tax rate is a flat 5.125%. We will collect this rate on all NM orders and remit to the state.

Texas: As a remote seller, we have collected the "Single Tax Rate for Remote Sellers" tax on taxable transactions delivered into Texas and the tax will be remitted on the customer's behalf to the Texas Comptroller.