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Properties comparison chart for tubing

Specific GravityTensile Strength psi
Elongation D412-98Hardness DurometerMaximum
Brittleness Temperature
Colored LDPE tubing.921160050050D-76°F
HDPE.9553900 (b)>50065D151°F-103°F
PP.8993800(b)40070R122 °F-40°F
Nylon 6/61.1411(d)/11.2(e)x10390(d)/300(e)121R(d)160°F (d,c)-65°F
Nylon 12 (Nylotube)779030072 D160°F-65°F
Polyurethane - Ester based600055085A185°F-95°F
Polyurethane –Ether Based550058085A175°F-90°F
Urebraid® Reinforce Polyurethane550058085A175°F-90°F
Colored Polyurethane1.14465085A-75°/155°F-75°
Silicone Low Temp110037550A500° -100°F
Silicone Braid Reinforced100035070A core 60A cover350°F -80°F
Latex0.97350075035A212°F Intermittent
158°F Continuous
Flexible PVC RNT®1.20200040068A180° -41°F
Colored Flexible PVC1.20237068A160°F-45°F
GO-1480 Fuel & Oil1.25198073062A170°F -20.2°F
Hylar™ (PVDF)1.75 to 1.776000-6500 at yield
5000-7500 at break
8 to 15 at yield
50 to 250 at break
75 to 80D255°F-26°F
Flame Retardant PE150°F-95°F
Paint & Solvent Transfer 125°F-40°F
General Purpose PVC Air & Water150°F-15°F
PVC Food & Beverage Suction & Delivery65A150°F
Reinforced Clear PVC1.20246537573A150°F+25°F
PVC Food & Beverage1.2073A150°F+ 25°F
High purity PVC Water1.2073A150°F+ 25°F
Tygon® Silver1.20230024072A160°F-47°F
Tygon® S-54-HL Micro bore270032080A200°F-25°F
Tygon® S-50-HL Medical/Surgical1.20200035066A165°F-55°F
Tygon® Versilic SPX-501.17150045050A350°F-75°F
Tygon® F-4040-A Fuel & Oil1.26182031057A-37°F
Tygon® R-36061.18165045055A165°F-58°F
Tygon® R-1000 Ultra-soft1.12120037540A125°F-103°F
Tygothane® C-544-A I.B.1.12500040085A180°F-100°F
Tygothane® C-210-A1.20605050082A175°F Prolonged
200°F Intermittent
Fluran® F-5500-A1.9140030060A400°F-60°F
Tygon® 2275 I.B..9200070072A125°F-108°F
Tygon® 2275 High Purity0.9200070072A125°F-108°
Tygon® 2001 High Purity0.8880050069A135°F-108°F
Tygon® 2075 Plasticizer-Free Chem. Resistant0.9200070072A125°F-108°F
Tygon® SE-2001.45200035067A170°F-40°F
Norprene® A-60-F.98100037561A275°F-75°F
Norprene® A-60-F I.B.0.98100037561A275°F-75°F
Norprene® A-60-G0.98100037561A275°F-75° f
Tygon® LFL1.16155038056A165°F-65°
Tygoprene® XL-600.90163077060A250°F-87°F
Tygon® 3350 Silicone1.14145077050A400°F-112°F
Tygon® Silicone 3370. I.B.1.18120050070A320°F-112°F
Pharmed® by Tygon®0.98100037564A275°F-75°F
Tygon® R-3400 UV resistant1.31225035064A165°F-6°F
Tygon® B-44-4X I.B.1.21210045065A165°F-47°F
Tygon® B-44-4X Food, Milk & Dairy1.21210045065A165°F-47°F
Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage1.20230041063A165°F-49°F
Chemfluor® FEP2.1727555A400°F-100°F
Chemfluor® PFA2.1730060A500°F-320°F
Chemfluor® PTFE2.1825058A500°F-450°F
Chemfluor® Duality.920 Jacket43D180°F25°F
Chemfluor® 3672300300450°F-400°F
Nalgene® 180 PVC1.19165045055A160°F-32°F
Eldon James™ Flexelene™ Silver92A170°F-40°F

a – Break

b - Yield

c - @ 264 psi

d - Dry 0.2% MC @ 73°F

e - Conditioned to equilibrium w/50% RH @ 73°F

Odor & TasteToxicityFlammabilityClarity or ColorUVSterilization Methods*Food Grade
LLDPENoneNoneSlow <2" min.Natural and BlackBlack: Good DurabilityMeets FDA Standards
Colored LDPE NoneNoneRed, Blue, Green & YellowNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
HDPENoneNoneSlowSemi-opaqueNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
PPNoneNoneSlowSemi-opaqueNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
Nylon 6/6NoneNoneSelf-Ext.Semi-opaqueNot ResistantMeets FDA Requirements
Nylon 12 (Nylotube)NoneBlack, Red, Blue, Green & YellowNot ResistantNot Food Grade
Polyurethane - Ester BasedNoneClearResistantMeet FDA requirements
Polyurethane –Ether BasedNoneClearResistantMeet FDA requirements
Urebraid® Reinforce PolyurethaneNoneClear with braidResistantNSF 61 Listed
FDA Approved Ingredients
Colored PolyurethaneRed, Blue, Green & YellowNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
Silicone Low TempNoneNoneTranslucent NaturalResistantAutoclavableMeets FDA Standards
Silicone Braid ReinforcedNoneNoneTranslucent Natural w/ BraidResistantAutoclavableMeets FDA Standards
LatexAmberNot ResistantAutoclavableUSP Class IV
Flexible PVC RNT®NoneClearNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards USDA, USP class VI, NSF & 3-A approved
Colored Flexible PVCNoneRed, Blue, Green & YellowNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
GO-1480 Fuel & OilTranslucent yellowNot ResistantNot Food Grade
Hylar ™ (PVDF)NoneNoneUL 94 V-ONatural TranslucentResistantResin meets FDA standards
Flame Retardant PEUL 94V-2
UL 1820
BlackResistantNot Food Grade
Paint & Solvent Transfer HoseBlackNot ResistantNot Food Grade
General purpose PVC Air & WaterRed, Yellow, Blue & GreyResistantNot Food Grade
PVC Food & Beverage Suction & DeliveryClearResistantMeets FDA, USDA, and 3-A Standards
Reinforced Clear PVCNoneClearNot ResistantMeets FDA Standards
PVC Food & Beverage Vacuum TransferNoneClearNot Resistant Meets FDA, USDA, 3-A, NSF Standards
High Purity PVC WaterNoneNoneWhite & GreyResistantMeets FDA Standards and NSF51/61
Tygon® SilverSilverNot ResistantGasMeets FDA Requirements
Tygon® S-54-HL Micro BoreNoneNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationUSP Class VI
Tygon S-50-HL Medical/SurgicalNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA Standards & UPS Class VI
Tygon® Versilic SPX-50NoneTranslucentNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA, 3-A, NSF & USP Class VI
Tygon® F-4040-A Fuel & OilTranslucent YellowResistantNot Food Grade
Tygon® R-3606NoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable & GasMeets FDA Standards
Tygon® R-1000 Ultra-softClearNot ResistantGasMeets FDA Standards
Tygothane® C-544-A I.B.ClearNot ResistantMeets FDA & NSF 61 Requirements
Tygothane® C-210-ATranslucent naturalNot ResistantMeets FDA Requirements
Fluran® F-5500-ABlackResistantNot Food Grade
Tygon® 2275 I.B.NoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA & USP Class VI Standards and is NSF Listed
Tygon® 2275 High PurityNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA & USP Class VI Standards and is NSF Listed
Tygon® 2001 High PurityNoneNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA Criteria For Food Contact
Tygon® 2075 Plasticizer Free Chem. ResistantClearNot ResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationNot Food Grade
Tygon® SE-200NoneNoneClearNot ResistantGasMeets FDA & USP Class VI criteria
Norprene® A-60-FNoneNoneCreamResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA, 3-A & NSF Standards
Norprene® A-60-F I.B.NoneNoneCreamResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA, 3-A & NSF Standards
Norprene® A-60-GBlackResistantNot Food Grade
Tygon® LFLClearAutoclavable & GasMeets FDA & USP Class VI Criteria
Tygoprene® XL-60UL 94 HBTranslucentResistantAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA & NSF 51 Criteria
Tygon® 3350 SiliconeNoneTranslucentAutoclavable, Gas & Radiation Meets FDA and NSF Standards
Tygon® Silicone 3370. I.B.TranslucentAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA and NSF Standards
Pharmed® by Tygon®UL 94 HBCreamAutoclavable, Gas & RadiationMeets FDA, NSF & USP Class VI Criteria
Tygon® R-3400 UV ResistantUL 94V-0 & UL 94HBBlackResistantNot food grade
Tygon® B-44-4X I.B.ClearNot ResistantGasMeets FDA, NSF & 3-A Criteria
Tygon® B-44-4X Food, Milk & DairyNoneNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable & GasMeets FDA, NSF & 3-A Criteria
Tygon® B-44-3 BeverageNoneNoneClearNot ResistantAutoclavable & gasMeets FDA, NSF & 3-A criteria
Chemfluor® FEPNoneUL 94 V-OTransparentResistantAutoclavable & GasMeets FDA and USP Class VI Criteria
Chemfluor® PFA NoneUL 94 V-OTranslucentResistantAutoclavable & GasMeets USP Class VI Criteria
Chemfluor® PTFE NoneUL 94 V-OTranslucentResistantAutoclavable & Gas
Chemfluor® DualityNoneNoneTranslucent-Meets FDA requirements
Chemfluor® 367Transparent
Nalgene® 180 PVC NoneSelf ExtinguishingClearNot ResistantMeets USP Class VI & USDA Requirements
Eldon James™ Flexelene™ SilverSilverStableNSF 61 and 51 Certified

Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for the application.

* For details on the sterilization methods please contact our Technical department.

Title: Properties comparison chart for tubing
Description: Chart comparing different properties of the various tubing that we offer.
Published: 6/12/2008
Last Edited: 1/19/2023
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