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Tamco® Tank Material Information
Summary: Detailed information about the materials used to make Tamco ® Tanks
Qualities of Common Plastic Bottle Materials
Summary: Important material properties for plastic bottles to help you make the right selection.
Why use amber glass bottles?
Summary: Facts about amber glass bottles.
What are the advantages of containers made with barrier resins (Nylon/PE & Fluorinated plastic)?
Summary: Information on fluorinated & barrier bottles & carboys.
What is the shelf life of CPC™ connectors?
Summary: Information on storing your CPC™ connectors.
Tips for Storing and Shipping in Plastic Drums & Barrels
Summary: Things to consider when shipping and storing materials in drums.
Are polycarbonate containers containing BPA safe for food and beverages?
Summary: Clearing up some of the misconstrued information about the dangers of BPA.
Can an open head drum be used for holding liquids?
Summary: Appropriate uses for open head drums.
What tubing can be used for peristaltic pumps?
Summary: General information on peristaltic pump tubing.
How do I choose the right pump for my application?
Summary: Questions to ask yourself before ordering a pump.
How do I know which quick disconnects work together?
Summary: Information on CPC quick disconnect fittings.
What plastics can be bonded?
Summary: List of plastics that can or cannot be bonded or cemented.
Can PVC and CPVC be cemented together with pipe cement?
Summary: Mixing PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings.
Benefits of Plastic Drums & Barrels
Summary: Comparison of metal, plastic & fiber drums.
What is the difference between the Acetron® GP and DuPont Delrin®?
Summary: Acetron ® GP vs. DuPont Delrin ®
Fabrication Guide for Seaboard®
Summary: Information on cutting, drilling, and routing Seaboard.
Fastening Seaboard®
Summary: Information on fastening Seaboard to itself or other substrates.
Recommendations for machining PVC sheet
Summary: Desirable conditions for turning, drilling, milling, and sawing solid PVC sheet.
FAQs about Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Summary: Answers to common questions about clear acrylic mirror.
Information on Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Summary: Properties and machining techniques for acrylic mirror
Do you have Locknuts for the fittings with NPT (national pipe threads)?
Summary: Why you can't use a locknut on National Pipe Thread.
Machining Cast Nylon products
Summary: Infortmation on how to turn, mill, drill, ream, tap, and tread Cast Nylon.
What is a Spigot (SPIG), and how does it differ from Socket and Hub?
Summary: What the difference is between spigot and socket or hub.
How do I assemble my Heavy Duty Electric Mixer?
Summary: Instructions and Maintenance for the Heavy Duty Electric Mixers
Can Schedule 40 Pipe be threaded?
Summary: Why you can't thread SCH40 Pipe.
Proper use and installation of Spears valve and fitting union connections
Summary: Information on installing Spears Union Connections.
How does a bulkhead fitting work?
Summary: Application and general installation information.
Hayward Industrial Products Installation, Operation, & Maintenance of True Union Valves
Summary: Installing and using Hayward valve, strainers, filters, and other associated parts.
How does a pressure relief valve work?
Summary: Explanation of how a pressure relief valve works.
How does a gate valve work?
Summary: Explanation of how a gate valve works.
How does a check valve work?
Summary: Explanation of how a check valve works.
How does a globe valve work?
Summary: Explanation of how a globe valve works.
When using pipe cement do you need to use primer?
Summary: Why you should use a primer when making piping connections.
PVC and CVPC solvent cementing with primer
Summary: Step by Step instructions on using the IPS Weld-on Primers and Cements.
IPS Weld-on's Basic Principles of Solvent Cementing
Summary: To make consistently good joints the following points should be clearly understood.
Fabricating TUFFAK® GP polycarbonate sheet.
Summary: Cutting, Drilling, and Machining information
Finishing Makrolon® GP Polycarbonate sheet.
Summary: Sanding, Jointing-Planing, Solvent Polishing, Hot Stamping, Screen Printing, Painting, and Paint and Ink Removal
Bonding and Fastening TUFFAK® GP Polycarbonate sheet.
Summary: Mechanically Fastening, Solvent Bonding, and Welding information
What can I use to clean the TUFFAK® GP Polycarbonate Sheet?
Summary: Cleaning & maintenance of TUFFAK ® GP Polycarbonate Sheet.
Forming TUFFAK® GP Polycarbonate sheets.
Summary: Bending and Thermoforming information
Light and Energy Transmittance of the TUFFAK® GP polycarbonate sheet.
Summary: Transmittance rates for the TUFFAK ® GP Polycarbonate
What is the open area percentage on the various perforated sheets?
Summary: Chart with open area percentage and amount of holes per square inch.
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