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Spears® Quiet Check Valve
Quiet Check Valve
Designed to provide quiet operation in sump pump or sewage ejector pump systems typically found in home basements. The backflow of the water column in the discharge pipe can slam conventional check valves closed, producing a disturbing "thump" when the pump shuts off. The Quiet Check Valve uses a spring controlled rate of closing to prevent slamming and eliminates the noise. Produced in both 1-1/2" and 2" nominal sizes, the 2" size is the minimum recommended for a sewage discharge system (i.e., sewage ejector pump) while the 1-1/2" size can be used in an effluent system (i.e., sump pump) discharge line to prevent back flow of liquid into sump basin. The check valve should be installed 12"–18" above the pump discharge, or as recommended by the pump system manufacturer. Be sure check valve installation complies with local codes. Check pump system manufacturer’s recommendations for horizontal, vertical or angled positioning of check valve in discharge line. In horizontal installations, orient valve according to "This Side Up" marking for best operation. In all installations, valve MUST be installed in proper flow direction as indicated by the flow arrow on body.
  • PVC
  • Can be installed in either horizontal or vertical position
  • Contains both regular socket ends for direct solvent cement connection of the valve
  • True Union style end connectors for easy valve removal
  • Pressure rating @ 73°F , water: full flow (open) 150 psi; back pressure (closed) 75 psi
  • Maximum temperature: 140°F

Item # Description Page # List Price Availability Quantity to Order
Spears® Quiet Check Valve19655
1-1/2" Quiet Check Valve
Qty 2: 5% off; Qty 4: 10% off; Qty 12: 15% off;
Spears® Quiet Check Valve19656
2" Quiet Check Valve
Qty 2: 5% off; Qty 4: 10% off; Qty 12: 15% off;
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Product Displayed: Quiet Check Valve
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