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Top Rated Knowledgebase Articles

What are the differences between HDPE, LDPE, XLPE, LLDPE, and UHMWPE?
Date: 08/13/2008
Summary: Brief description of each type of polyethylene.
604 user(s) found this useful.
Is PVC and CPVC pipe UV resistant?
Date: 12/11/2007
Summary: Weatherability of PVC Pipe
544 user(s) found this useful.
Which type of plastic sheet do I need for my application?
Date: 05/16/2003
Summary: The different styles, applications, and temperature ranges for plastic sheet are necessary in determining the right plastic for your project. We give a brief description and application use for each type of plastic sheet we have in our inventory.
507 user(s) found this useful.
What is the difference between NPT and NPS thread?
Date: 03/13/2015
Summary: NPT vs. NPS
377 user(s) found this useful.
What do the UN codes mean?
Date: 11/15/2007
Summary: General information on understanding UN codes.
307 user(s) found this useful.
How much do the acrylic sheets weigh?
Date: 12/10/2010
Summary: Average weight per square foot for the acrylic sheet.
297 user(s) found this useful.
How do I know how to calculate a cap & neck size?
Date: 07/21/2003
Summary: A brief explanation on understanding the cap & neck finish on bottles.
283 user(s) found this useful.
Lexan ® Polycarbonate Cleaning Instructions
Date: 03/31/2009
Summary: Lexan cleaning and scratch removal
255 user(s) found this useful.
What is the difference between standard PVC pipe and furniture-grade PVC pipe?
Date: 08/17/2007
Summary: The differences between furniture-grade and standard PVC pipe and fittings
204 user(s) found this useful.
What is the difference between hose and tubing and which do I need?
Date: 10/04/2013
Summary: Hose vs. Tubing
198 user(s) found this useful.

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