Porcelain Hirsch Funnel

These funnels offer thermal shock resistance and have an average coefficient of expansion from 20°C to 200°C is 3.56 x 10-5, gradually increasing to 4.69 x 10-5 at 1050°C.

  • Made of porcelain
  • Fixed perforated plates
  • Every batch of porcelain is heat tested in factory
  • Glazed on inner & outer surfaces except for the rim
  • Glaze is extremely white
  • Resistant to chemical action
  • Excellent resistance to acids & alkalies, except for hydrofluoric acid
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10mL Porcelain Hirsch Funnel
Save 5%12+$5.24/Each
Save 10%24+$4.96/Each
Save 15%72+$4.69/Each
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12mL Porcelain Hirsch Funnel
Save 5%12+$6.19/Each
Save 10%24+$5.86/Each
Save 15%72+$5.54/Each
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25mL Porcelain Hirsch Funnel
Save 5%12+$7.04/Each
Save 10%24+$6.66/Each
Save 15%72+$6.29/Each
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50mL Porcelain Hirsch Funnel
Save 5%12+$11.02/Each
Save 10%24+$10.44/Each
Save 15%72+$9.86/Each
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140mL Porcelain Hirsch Funnel
Save 5%12+$12.34/Each
Save 10%24+$11.69/Each
Save 15%72+$11.04/Each
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