U.S. Plastic is committed to a brighter, greener future by focusing on key sectors of our distribution operation. Below are the areas in which we are striving to become more responsible.

Efficient Lighting

We use 100% LED lights throughout our buildings.

Automatic Systems

Our facility features an automatic lighting infrastructure, handwashing locations, ventilation and more.

Efficient Machinery

We installed new, more efficient machinery to conserve energy, including conveyors, rotomold macines, lift trucks and more.

Domestic Buying

We conserve gas consumption by purchasing products from local or nearby manufacturers as much as possible.

Efficient Logistics

Our efficient shipment planning ensures quicker shipping and delivery of products.

Consolidated Shipments

By housing most of our products under one warehouse location, we are able to ship fewer boxes and use less packaging.

A Division of United States Plastic Corporation®

Tamco's® Earth Stewardship Initiative

At Tamco® Industries, we are working to shine a light on the responsibility and accountability the plastics industry should have for its impact on the earth. Our Earth Stewardship Initiative's goal is to do our part to minimize any negative impact we might have on the environment while we bring quality products to the marketplace. Currently, Tamco® Industries is taking the following measures towards this goal.

Tamco® logo in black, labeled '1'
Recycles 100% of scrap material so none of it ends up in landfills.
Tamco® logo in black, labeled '2'
Marks recycling information on all disposable products.
Tamco® logo in black, labeled '3'
Encourages the recycling of long-term use items no longer in service by our customers.

But we are not done. We want to do more. Our vision for the future includes a line of products that use recycled resin, a processing station so that we can recycle scrap on-site, and a program that allows customers to drop off end-of-life products for us to reprocess. It is our hope that others in the plastic industry join us, and we can all work to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place for the future.


Did you know?

Today's plastics can help architects, owners, managers, and specifiers meet sustainability goals for new and retrofit building solutions in commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction. Advanced continuous insulation, sealants, windows, doors, siding, flooring, roofing, foundations, decking and piping made with advanced plastics can dramatically improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and CO2 emissions and help us to do more with less. (American Chemistry Council)

Fun Fact:

Polycarbonate or acrylic skylight glazing can capture natural daylight, reducing artificial lighting consumption in commercial buildings by up to 50%.