Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes

These centrifuge tubes can be used on the bioMerieux® PREVI™ Isola automated plate streaker system and also in centrifuge rotors that accommodate 15mL centrifuge tubes. The tubes come with a secure screw cap and have white printed graduation marks and a large white writing area.

  • Polypropylene
  • 16mm x 100mm
  • Leak-tight screw caps
  • Spin rate: 3000 RCF
  • Brittleness temperature: 0°C
  • Maximum temperature: 135°C
  • Autoclavable
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
10mL Polypropylene Non-Sterile Centrifuge Tube with Separate Cap
$185.93​/Case of 1000
Save 5%2+$176.63/Case of 1000
Save 10%4+$167.33/Case of 1000
Save 15%12+$158.04/Case of 1000
$185.93​/Case of 1000
10mL Polypropylene Sterile Centrifuge Tube with Cap
$193.06​/Case of 1000
Save 5%2+$183.40/Case of 1000
Save 10%4+$173.75/Case of 1000
Save 15%12+$164.10/Case of 1000
$193.06​/Case of 1000