Self-Contained Portable Plastic Welder

Provides its own air supply from the ambient atmosphere making it ideal for installation, repair and field work on hard and soft PVC and similar thermoplastics including plexiglass, polycarbonate, polyisobutylene, polystyrene, etc.

  • Temperature can be steplessly regulated with an electronic controller
  • Self-contained supply of air comes from a built-in blower / motor
  • Equipped with an ON/OFF switch
  • Comes with a universal round tip--ideal for work in tight corners and for short & tack welds
  • 56-page manual "Making Even Better Plastic Welds" is included
  • Additional welding tips & accessories can be added at any time
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
Portable Plastic Welder Complete
Save 5%2+$1067.77/Each
Save 10%4+$1011.57/Each
Save 15%12+$955.37/Each
In Stock
Replacement Heat Element
Save 5%2+$115.50/Each
Save 10%4+$109.42/Each
Save 15%12+$103.34/Each
In Stock

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