Seeyle 2001FC & 2001 FCP Welders

The new design inner tube and nose cone allows the barrel to stay cooler while it blows away toxins that may be created while welding. e.g. PVC. Also being similar to the Guardian Series, the 2001FC and 2001FCP have a pressure switch, which will protect the element from burning out by turning off the electrical flow if there is an interruption in the airflow. Comes with air filter, air pressure regulator, air pressure gauge, pressure switch, welding tray, carrying case, #4 tacking tip and #9A round automatic feed tip for 1/8" or 5/32" welding rod.

  • Helps keep welding fumes away from your work
  • Welders have three different elements, 500w is standard
  • 20' cord
  • Infinite heat control
  • When 400w or 650w elements are needed, you must specify when ordering
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
Seelye Welding Kit 2001FC
Save 5%2+$1148.37/Each
Save 10%4+$1087.93/Each
Save 15%12+$1027.49/Each
Seelye Welding Kit 2001FCP with Air Compressor
Save 5%2+$1550.47/Each
Save 10%4+$1468.86/Each
Save 15%12+$1387.26/Each