Stackable Stor-Keeper Containers

These airtight dry storage containers come with screw-on lids and have an indent in the bottom to stay in place when you stack them up. They are ideal for candies, herbs, pantry items and more.

  • PETE container
  • Polypropylene lid
  • BPA-free
  • Feature a unique stacking design
  • Stain & odor-resistant
  • Side grip handle
  • Air-tight for safe food storage
  • Lock in freshness
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
80 oz. Stackable Stor-Keeper Container with Lid
Save 5%36+$3.45/Each
Save 10%72+$3.27/Each
Save 15%216+$3.09/Each
128 oz. Stackable Stor-Keeper Container with Lid
Save 5%36+$4.26/Each
Save 10%72+$4.03/Each
Save 15%216+$3.81/Each