Flip-top Caps with PS Liners

Flip-top caps are commonly used for dispensing honey and sauces from squeezable containers. Flip-top lids have a pressure-sensitive liner that looks very professional and seals automatically when the cap is tightened for the first time.

  • Polypropylene cap
  • Pressure sensitive liner
  • Liner seals when cap is applied
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
38/400 Yellow Flip-top Cap with 7.62mm Orifice
Save 5%250+$0.31/Each
Save 10%500+$0.29/Each
Save 15%1500+$0.28/Each
38/400 White Flip-top Cap with 7.62mm Orifice
Save 5%250+$0.26/Each
Save 10%500+$0.25/Each
Save 15%1500+$0.23/Each

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