Disposable Micro & Macro Cuvettes

These cuvettes have a standard 1cm light path, including recessed windows to provide maximum light transmission. These cuvettes have excellent optical qualities throughout the spectral range, which is excellent for scanning small volumes, enzyme rate reactions, and standard curve determinations. The flexible fins on the cap allow for a tight fit that will not damage the cuvette.

  • Polystyrene or PMMA cuvettes
  • LDPE caps
  • Polystyrene cuvettes are designed for assay range of 340nm-750nm
  • PMMA cuvettes are designed for VIS-UV range of 300nm-750nm
  • Sold in full cases only
  • Caps sold separately
Stock Description Catalog Pg. Price
1.5mL PMMA Semi-Micro Cuvettes (Caps sold separately)
$107.69/Case of 500
Save 5%2+$102.30/Case of 500
Save 10%4+$96.92/Case of 500
Save 15%12+$91.53/Case of 500
$107.69/Case of 500
1.5mL Polystyrene Semi-Micro Cuvettes (Caps sold separately)
$99.57/Case of 500
Save 5%2+$94.59/Case of 500
Save 10%4+$89.61/Case of 500
Save 15%12+$84.63/Case of 500
$99.57/Case of 500
4.5mL PMMA Macro Cuvettes (Caps sold separately)
$129.48/Case of 500
Save 5%2+$123.00/Case of 500
Save 10%4+$116.53/Case of 500
Save 15%12+$110.05/Case of 500
$129.48/Case of 500
4.5mL Polystyrene Macro Cuvettes (Caps sold separately)
$97.21/Case of 500
Save 5%2+$92.35/Case of 500
Save 10%4+$87.48/Case of 500
Save 15%12+$82.62/Case of 500
$97.21/Case of 500
LDPE Cuvette Caps (Caps sold separately)
$100.62/Case of 1000
Save 5%2+$95.58/Case of 1000
Save 10%4+$90.55/Case of 1000
Save 15%12+$85.52/Case of 1000
$100.62/Case of 1000

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