Tamco® Industries

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At U.S. Plastic Corp.®, we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality Tamco® products that are made in America. Our selection includes industrial-strength tanks, drums, mixers, funnels, carboys, labware, and more. Tamco® provides tanks in a variety of sizes, including rectangular, cylindrical, cone-bottom, and dome-bottom tanks. Polyethylene tanks are molded or welded, while polypropylene tanks are welded exclusively. Custom-fabricated tanks can be tailored to meet specific size requirements, increasing the wall thickness for added strength. Additionally, in-stock or custom-made tanks can be modified with bulkhead fittings, bossweld fittings, baffles, weir dams, holes, spigots, and more. If you need a modified or custom-sized tank, contact our quotes department at 1-800-335-6809 or email us your drawing at quotes@usplastic.com.