Floating Microcentrifuge Tube Rack

This open style floating rack creates maximum contact between tubes and the water and allows better water circulation. This, in turn, provides superior temperature control for the tube samples. Work can be done on the benchtop before easily transferring the filled rack into the water bath.

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant, white polypropylene
  • 60 places with 4 rows of 15 places
  • Holds 1.5mL to 2.0mL MCT Tubes (10mm to 12mm in diameter)
  • Tubes are held tightly in the rack to assure no "pop-up" tubes or "floaters"
  • Pressing the legs of the rack on the bench raises the tubes & allows for easy removal
  • End handles allow easy transport & stacking
  • Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)
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Centrifuge Rack with 60 Places for 1.5mL to 2mL Tubes
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30.6/Pkg. of 2
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30.6/Pkg. of 2