Azlon® Dispensing Bottles with Nozzles

The white screw cap on these bottles has a pivoting nozzle which can be raised for dispensing.

  • LDPE bottle
  • White polyethylene screw cap
  • Bottle is soft & squeezable
  • Closed nozzle provides an airtight seal
  • Partly open nozzle allows for dispensing drops
  • Open nozzle allows for dispensing a direct jet of liquid
  • Maximum temperature: 80°C
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30mL Azlon® Natural Dispensing Bottles
$21.45/Case of 10
Save 5%3+$20.38/Case of 10
Save 10%6+$19.31/Case of 10
Save 15%18+$18.23/Case of 10
$21.45/Case of 10
60mL Azlon® Natural Dispensing Bottles
$22.57/Case of 10
Save 5%3+$21.44/Case of 10
Save 10%6+$20.31/Case of 10
Save 15%18+$19.18/Case of 10
$22.57/Case of 10
150mL Azlon® Natural Dispensing Bottles
45% off
$23.54 $12.95/Case of 10
Internet Only
$23.54 $12.95/Case of 10